Persian Kabob

A comprehensive Guide to Persian BBQ

What if you could cook Persian Kabob like a pro?

Kabob is THE dish that everyone talks about when thinking of Persian Food. Even for most Iranians, eating Kabob is reserved for restaurants or special ocasions. The problems is that most people cant get it right. If you have ever tried to make Kabob, you are familiar with the challenges.

Most people that know how to make Kabob are not willing to share the secrets. So how are you supposed to learn?



I started learning cooking when I was 7 years old. When all the other boys were playing with cars, I had my own set of kitchen ware and was practicing my cooking skills.
I moved out of Iran at a young age to continue my education. When my grandma wasn’t around to cook anymore, I started to miss Persian Food and weight was now on my shoulders to make the food taste as good as hers.
So I started to practice and perfect my technique. I remember my classmates in school used to all come over to my room to eat. Once they got used to eating there, they started making requests for foods that I didn’t know how to make. So I had to go learn everything. I love serving and I love to grow so I did it.
For many years, I kept my techniques a secret. Everyone who ate my food raved about it and asked for the secret techniques. I never told anyone about it. Recently, I decided to open the doors of my Kitchen to the public so that you can learn to cook as well or better than me. This is why I am so excited for you today. By purchasing this DVD, you will be taking me home with you to learn the most modern and efficient way to cook Persian Kabob.



I have put my heart and soul into this.
If you were to come into my Kitchen and have me teach you all of these, it would cost you at least $5000. This is not including airfare, hotel, and the time you would lose at work. If I was to teach you this in a seminar format, it would cost at least $1000 to spend a day or two with me to go through these the content that is on this DVD.
The cost of this DVD should be $497 based on the time that was put into it and the costs to manufacture it.
But I want you to have it so I have set the price for you at $77. This will buy you two DVDs and over 5 hours of pure training.
If you buy this DVD and are for whatever reason not satisfied, send me the DVD back within 30 days of purchase and I will refund your money. I know I am not dealing with crooks who would buy the DVD / watch it / copy it and return it. You are not that kind of a person are you?
If you are not Iranian, you have got to have this DVD because it is the best tool you can find to learn about the Iranian culture. If you are Iranian, I empower you to buy this DVD and share it with your friends and family. There is so much negative propaganda regarding our culture these days. Be the positive. Become a messenger for our culture. Help me preserve our heritage and our culture by purchasing this DVD and sharing it with the world. Also consider ordering one for a friend or a family member.

Keep it cooking…